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Leah LaSalla

Leah LaSalla

Computer Science | National American University

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I hacked NASA with a toaster and invented drones that stop bullets. I am a guest lecturer at Texas A&M. Subject matter expert (SME) on UAVs for FEMA/IAEM - which got my company invited to demo at the Cascadia Megaquake Drill in July 2016, jointly hosted by the USNG and FEMA on Vashon Island in the State of Washington. This was event attended by 6000 emergency managers, first responders, military personnel (both domestic and foreign), medics, and government officials--all of whom benefit from best practices and holo-edge tech for disaster management. Cofounder of Astral AR, a minority-majority startup company in Austin, Texas - with a team that includes several former Federal employees/veterans and whose R & D involves patents and more for a platform-agnostic drone system integrating a drone + Hololens + the Emotiv Insight EEG/EMG reader brainware for unprecedented piloting telepresence for humanitarian endeavors. Polyglot, end-to-end, heterogeneous platform architecture, AOP, data and client agnostic. I program in nine languages. Every language has its strengths and every language has its homely peculiarities. There are no silver bullets, just developers relying on their comfort zones where a platform becomes a security blanket: JavaScript is the programming language that can't do math; PHP won't stop you; Python is whitespace sensitive; Java is uncontrollably verbose; .NET is a framework, people; Ruby runs too hot; Cassandra is an artillery battery to squash a bug; MySql tuples lolsob; Postgre when they say take as long as you need; Mongo when nobody cares that much; Redis when they do; Perl's syntax is why PHP exists; Node because server-side js for any and everything [python java php c# ruby perl obj-c ... ] can't quite reach and regex for parsing html so you can tell people it works on my local test coverage everything squash the commit what could possibly go wrong? backsass And that's how I built a drone you fly with your mind in augmented reality.

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